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We are a visual storytelling studio for innovation and transformation

_Need to connect your customers, team and stakeholders with new ideas?

_Trying to unravel and make sense of complex topics and concepts?

_Feeling that words are not quite enough to cut through the noise and get your message across?

_Need your team to collaborate to imagine and co-create breakthrough innovation?

Welcome to

the visual enterprise.

In the future of work, creativity and imagination will prevail.

Humans speak in words, but think and learn in visuals.  

Visual storytelling connects right with people's emotions. It brings to life your big ideas. It conveys your messages through impactful stories. And inspires collaboration and action.

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What we do

What we do 

We bring together strategic design and creativity to produce visual stories that will make an impact at your next workshop, event, campaign or program.



When it comes to inspire your audience, a picture's worth 1000 words...and about twice as many slide decks.

Illustrate your next proposal, roadmap or program to connect with people, bring to life your big ideas, make sense of complexity,  distil down key messages and  bring clarity to your audience!

What it looks like

_ Bespoke illustration

_ Strategy visualisation

_ Innovation concept prototyping

Design fiction


Live scribe


Create a memorable participant experience at your next workshop, showcase, training , conference or event! We capture, synthesise and visualise the key messages live - on whiteboards or digitally. Your audience can see new possibilities,  unleash their creativity, co-create and collaborate like never before. 

What it looks like

_ Workshop live scribe

_ Virtual workshop graphic facilitation

_ Conference & event live scribe

_ Live installation


Creative comms

Inspire your team, stakeholders and customers with creative and meaningful stories that will take them on the journey. We work with you to define your narrative, shape your story and choose the right medium that will make an impact on your audience.

What it looks like

_ Storytelling campaign 

_ Storyboard & comics

_ Workplace mural 

_ Pop-up artwork


Virtual events

As we are reinventing the way we work, take your virtual workshop, event or training to the next level by offering participants a full immersive experience to maximise engagement, learning and collaboration. 

What it looks like

_ Virtual workshop 

_ Immersive learning environnement

_ Virtual event and showcase

Our work


Our role is to help you solve business problems creatively. We identify your goals, understand your audience, shape your narrative and then produce beautiful visual stories that can take multiple forms: digital illustration, whiteboard scribe, comics, mural artwork, installation or live performance. The possibilities are just endless.

Our clients

Our clients span consulting firms, tech companies, start-ups and large corporates, across the globe. We see our clients as partners we want to build long-term relationships with, whether we work on site, alongside their project team, or virtually.

Our clients are consulting firms, tech companies, large brands and start-ups 

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Nicolas Aidoud

Humain Capital Co-Founder

& Managing Partner

Author of HUMAIN

In a Future of Work where Artificial Intelligence will prevail, creativity is the real form of Human intelligence. That is why Humain Capital relies on Sketch & Co to design its offer portfolio.


Sneak Peek from the studio

Let's talk!

We're always open for a chat, so feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help

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