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Pro tips to master storytelling in fintech product design

Ever wondered how Fintech product designers use creativity and storytelling to innovate and work better? Today we’re super excited to have a chat with Emma to find out!

Hello Emma! can you tell us a bit about yourself?

« Hey! I’m Emma, I work in Product Design and Product Management. I enjoy creating digital experiences that change how people interact with the world. I’m currently focused on Fintech products and previously I was in Consulting at Deloitte Digital where I worked with large scale companies to explore new ventures and deliver seamless user experiences supported by complex tech solutions.

A lot of people are talking about storytelling these days…but what is it exactly? And why does it matter in our tech world?

Storytelling is communicating a message in a compelling way. It matters because when you can captivate an audience with a message, it means you’re able to cut through the noise and retain the audience’s attention. This is critical in convincing people why they should care about your message and what impact it will have. It’s also a way to bring ideas to life and encourage creative thinking.

How do you use storytelling in your every day innovation and design process?

I use storytelling on almost a daily basis, from stand ups, to design reviews, to customer research playbacks, designing customer acquisition journeys and translating technical processes into a narrative the business will understand. As an example, a large part of my job is to act as the voice of the customer - I understand what the customer is experiencing and what their needs are, then communicate that to business stakeholders so that they understand why we should design and build something in a certain way. Without convincing the stakeholders through storytelling, my message risks getting lost and the customer’s needs dismissed.

What tips would you give to people who would like to start using storytelling and be more creative at work?

You probably already do quite a bit of storytelling with or without realising it! Honing your ability to communicate a message in a compelling takes practice. Whether it’s for internal purposes, such as convincing stakeholders of an approach, or for external purposes, such as communicating to a customer how your product works, I’ve personally found that being honest, direct and using evidence to support my story, an effective way of getting people onboard. »

Thanks a lot for your insights Emma, we’re looking forward to seeing what innovative products you’ll come up with!

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